Top Global Talent Acquisition Trends for 2022

Top Global Talent Acquisition Trends for 2022

Learn to leverage the subtle differences between recruitment and talent acquisition to boost retention in the age of global remote work. Does your company have a growth strategy in place for 2022 that incorporates components of these two processes?

International recruiting and long-term candidate community building are key elements of global growth; however, setting up teams across the globe also requires analyzing labor markets and the trends that shape them.

Embracing global talent acquisition trends and understanding how to apply this knowledge to adapt to the shifting business landscape will be invaluable to your company’s success in 2022.

Join us on February 24th with Chief Human Resources Officer Richa Gupta and Head of Talent Acquisition Brent Kinsey to learn about upcoming talent acquisition trends, and how hiring managers can use these insights to position their company ahead of the rest.

Learning Objectives

Company leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters can look forward to learning about:

  • Top global talent acquisition trends for 2022 and how to leverage them for company growth.
  • The differences between recruitment and talent acquisition.
  • Strategies to begin planning your company´s long-term talent acquisition strategy.

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