The New Workplace Report: A Business Balancing Act

The New Workplace Report: A Business Balancing Act

The future of work has changed forever.

 Over the past year, our lives have been upended, presenting both challenges and opportunities. We’ve learned to cope with intense work schedules dictated by marathon video meetings and inviting our colleagues and customers

into our most personal spaces. The global shift to remote work has transformed the way we live and operate, causing long-lasting implications for the future.

The question is, what does this mean for businesses now?

Our last research study, conducted in May 2020, predicted we “would never go back to normal”. A year later, this prediction is a certainty. Our new report looks at the effects of the past 14 months on the next year and beyond, from an economic, professional and cultural perspective.

The goal for business leaders has shifted from temporarily managing a remote workforce to building a strong, employee-centric working experience for the future. This challenge, combined with our findings, marks the arrival of a new status quo; a new definition of the workplace, where we work wherever works.

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