Mental Health Wellness in Times of Change

Mental Health Wellness in Times of Change

The changes we’ve had to adapt to over the past year — working from home, home schooling, distancing from elderly parents and more — has taken quite a toll on people.

As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic and readapt yet again, people are dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. How can we shed old mental health mindsets, adapt to our evolving environment, and move forward positively?  In this webinar with Dr. Benjamin Miller, PsyD, Chief Strategy Officer at the Well Being Trust and Dr. Brian Wong, MD, MBA, Medical Director, Population Health at Accolade we examine what steps employers and their employees can take to address:

  • How to build a new mindset to address a changed world — and workplace
  • What employers can do to help destigmatize mental health issues and help their employees get the care they need
  • Why a collaborative care model that uses a holistic approach to address mental health and physical health is necessary

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