How to Make the Case for BSM Transformation

How to Make the Case for BSM Transformation

The True Cross-Functional Value of Digital Transformation

As CPOs reflect on the constant disruption to the supply chain in recent years, many have found that while their faith in the power of spend is unwavering, significant gaps remain in process and technology for managing spend at their companies.

While business cases must be grounded in the ‘Hard Dollar’ savings and efficiency benefits that can impact company margins, leaders must make a broader appeal to ensure that their initiatives are recognised as top priorities for investment this year.

This e-book will explore the value of business spend management to the wider business, including the areas of Margin Impact, Sustainability, Agility, Risk Mitigation and Innovation. It might be difficult to imagine that stakeholders such as finance or IT would be anything other than natural allies in supporting such a transformation — after all, they are set to be among the beneficiaries. But taking their full support for granted is risky. The benefits may seem obvious to procurement, as the function driving the change.

Yet, it is important to understand and articulate the full range of potential benefits of a BSM programme to business leaders in order to gain their support for a transformation initiative.


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