Going All- In With Low Carbon Concrete

Going All- In With Low Carbon Concrete

Going “all-in” on new concrete technology can seem intimidating for many ready mix producers. Concerns over production downtime, costs, and if the new technology will work, all play roles in the decision-making process and often result in a low investment. These factors did not deter Geiger Ready-Mix from adopting new, sustainable concrete technology, CarbonCure, in all their plant locations.

In this webinar, the team from Geiger discusses the benefits of adopting sustainable concrete at scale, and how they successfully implemented the new technology across the board.

You’ll learn:

  • The decision-making process for adopting new technology in all plant locations vs. just one or two.
  • Implementation steps including the testing that was required.
  • The technical impacts on concrete, including testing and mix optimization.
  • The positive business impacts of technology.

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