eCTD 4.0 – The Future of Regulatory Publishing Webinar

eCTD 4.0 – The Future of Regulatory Publishing Webinar

Join this webinar to hear IQVIA Technologies discuss the positive impact

and considerations of the implementation of eCTD 4.0:

  • General benefits of eCTD 4.0
  • Technical differences in eCTD v3.2 vs. 4.0
  • Current implementation status across the Globe
  • Differences in eCTD 4.0 implementation across regions
  • eCTD 4.0 implementation considerations

For over 20 years, the electrical common technical document (eCTD) has provided a robust solution for the transfer of regulatory information. A greater accuracy of submissions, increased efficiency to review and a lower cost for storage were some of the significant benefits to the submission and reviewing process after its introduction. However, in recent years it has been apparent the process has required additional improvements.


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