Connections: A Neo4j virtual event

Connections: A Neo4j virtual event

Make the Leap from Relational to Graph Databases

If you’re a software developer building the next modern data-driven application in the cloud, then this virtual event is for you! What if you no longer had to deal with:

  • Slow performance for deep, multi-hop queries as data grows
  • Rigid schemas that don’t adapt to your changing needs
  • Complex queries with complicated joins to write and maintain

Developers like you are increasingly using graph technology to develop complex systems and intelligent applications powered by connected data. Graph databases have been the fastest growing database category for the past decade and Neo4j ranks as the most popular within the developer community. With Neo4j graph databases, you can efficiently store, handle, and query highly connected data at real-time performance with a flexible data model. Queries are simpler – easier to write and maintain.

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