CIO Priorities: Forcing Business to Evolve

CIO Priorities: Forcing Business to Evolve

Digital priorities continue to evolve

Following rapid change in the way we work due to COVID-19, long-term digital transformation goals have become immediate imperatives. Organizations have been forced to accelerate initiatives to continue to deliver their current products and services, and expand upon them for future growth. And although organizations have now had time to adjust to COVID-19-induced change, the need for transformation hasn’t slowed down, it’s only accelerating.

Between May and June 2021, we sought to learn what changes organizations are making, where they are investing, and what they are prioritizing. We surveyed 450 C-Suite and senior technology decision-makers from organizations around the globe with 1,000 or more employees. What we learned was no surprise: Companies are laserfocused on supporting a hybrid workforce, prioritizing digital first development, and building up cloud infrastructure while modernizing apps. And touching every area of their business is the need to keep all of their distributed processes secure.

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