6 Steps to Building An AP Automation Business Case

6 Steps to Building An AP Automation Business Case

This guide to AP Automation highlights the steps to building a business case to help secure your cashflow and enable a remote workforce.

Accounts Payable has taken center stage as the importance of managing and controlling cash flow gets more important by the day. To stay ahead, many of your peers are optimizing their Accounts Payable (AP) automation processes as the barrier to entry is impressively low in terms of both cost and effort needed to get up and running.

Benefits from AP automation include:

Remote digital and flexible working for AP and finance team

Full visibility into essential real-time financial data, including cash flow and management

Transformed supplier payments process to reduce risk of fraud and eliminate manual tasks Immediate value with a cloud-based AP automation solution

Expected ROI within the first year with up to 95% truly touchless invoice processing

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