2022 AI Trends

2022 AI Trends

Built on the Systemization of Data and AI

While some organizations have implemented robust analytics and AI programs because they developed a blueprint for getting everyone involved, others are scrambling to figure out how to realize the full potential from these technologies.

This ebook highlights three visionary, broad-stroke trends for AI in 2022 (including correlated subtrends) each hinging upon the notion that — by making the use of data and AI everyday behavior — organizations can effectively empower their employees to make better decisions.

A Sneak Peek:

  • Business users start to deliver more value with AI than data scientists (and, more broadly, the pool of those who are involved in data projects is evolving)
  • Automation, business intelligence, and AI converge into one practice for the enterprise
  • Of the machine learning projects that organizations want to push to production, more than 50% will make it there

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