HR Leaders Embrace Digital Transformation in 2020

HR Leaders Embrace Digital Transformation in 2020

With the Gig Economy under way, HR leaders tap talent pools across generations and turn to leading-edge technology to align with digital
transformation efforts across the business.

HR leaders in 2020 will be tasked with attracting and retaining the highest skilled professionals across industries and generations.

SoftwareTrends conducted a survey to determine the technologies and trends most impacting HR leaders in 2020. These 1,680 HR leaders shared how they are balancing the adoption of leading-edge techs with maintaining the human side of the business. The results prove digital transformation reaches beyond IT to how HR executives master people management.

This SoftwareTrends survey of 1,683 human resources leaders was conducted by PureB2B between August and October 2019 and its intent-based survey engine, a customized survey program designed to connect directly with optimal decision makers to help clients uncover valuable insights and drive better business decisions.

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