The winning playbook for experience personalization.

The winning playbook for experience personalization.

Personalized customer experiences can drive double-digit revenue growth for your business. But poor personalization can hurt your bottom line as consumers switch companies that fail to meet expectations. This playbook outlines what you can do about that.

According to an Advanis survey commissioned by Adobe, organizations that extensively personalize their messaging report an ROI in excess of 20 times for every dollar spent.


In this playbook, we provide clear guidance to help you formulate a winning strategy for your organization over three phases of maturity:

  1. Embrace: Getting started and laying the foundation
  2. Expand: Growing in sophistication across channels and use cases
  3. Excel: Scaling up and achieving excellence

Examples are included from Ben & Jerry’s, PetBarn, Software AG, and Walgreens Boots, showing how they used personalization effectively.


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