The goal of your corporate security infrastructure is to protect corporate data, access to on-premises and cloud-based systems, sensitive information like login credentials and customer data, and even physical assets. Most organizations approach this by deploying various types of security hardware, software, and cloud services.

However, cybersecurity technology can go only so far. Because bad actors increasingly target your users of these systems and services. Your users must be equipped to deal with a growing variety of threats directed at them. Strong security awareness training is essential in protecting your organization from security threats and the damage they can cause.

Beyond that, the goal of your security awareness training should be developing fundamental change in your users – to change in the way they think about security – that will translate into the development of a robust security culture.

In this white paper you'll learn:

  • What decision-makers are most concerned about regarding security
  • How security awareness training is changing IT security culture
  • Why changing your user behavior is so critical
  • Steps you can take now to improve your security culture

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