Are there too many vulnerabilities to manage?

Try a new approach.

The security team is addressing vulnerabilities beyond the capabilities of the team.

Distributing limited useful resources too thinly quickly becomes inefficient,

It can lead to burnout.

The end result is wasting valuable time repairing vulnerabilities with little or no risk.

By implementing risk-based vulnerability management, you can automate the prioritization process.

Vulnerabilities that have a high risk of being exploited,

In other words, you can identify the vulnerabilities that have the greatest impact on your business. e-book

Focus on the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk "and learn:

With risk-based vulnerability management,

Why you can answer the question `` what should be repaired first? ''

Why traditional vulnerability management can't handle today's digital world

Why CVSS is not a good prioritization tool, and vulnerability data,

Why you need to consider business context such as threat intelligence and asset importance