We’re all shoppers, and we’ve all visited hundreds of different stores, in person and online. Of course, the unacknowledged truth about shopping is that whenever you go to a store, the majority of the products you see aren’t actually the products you want. No matter which store you’re shopping in, you’ll likely need to sift through a ton of irrelevant items before you find what you really need.

That’s just what shopping has always been. But it’s not what shopping should be.

What if the first products you saw were exactly the products you needed? Even better, what if all the merchandise in the whole store was displayed and ordered according to how much it mattered to you?

That’s exactly what shopping should be — fast, simple, and personalized. Just a few years ago, that may have seemed impossible, but shopping is now rapidly evolving, both in the store and online. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, brands are finally able to tailor shopping experiences to customers’ interests, based on real-time web browsing habits and shopping data.

Shoppers prefer personalized recommendations. See how AI can help.


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