THREAT LANDSCAPE: Mobile malware

Attacker groups and individual cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices

The maturity level of mobile security solutions is lagging behind traditional platforms such as desktop computers and servers. As a result, malicious actors have begun to diversify their ways of targeting mobile devices to achieve their targets and achieving their objectives.

In this report, we will look at how motivated people are targeting information and money, like specific attacker proofs and criminals, and how these threats are widespread. Knowing the types of mobile malware your organization may be facing now will give you hints on how to best protect in the future.

In this report:

  • Why attacks targeting mobile platforms are increasingly adopted by a variety of criminals and targeted attacker groups
  • Why mobile devices often do not have the same level of security surveillance as desktop computers and servers
  • Potential future changes in mobile malware and ways to better protect organizations from increasing mobile threats