Excel and Tableau: A Beautiful Partnership

Excel and Tableau: A Beautiful Partnership

Storing your data in Excel? Combine and integrate that data with Tableau.

As the traditional spreadsheet tool, Excel is used to add, collect, and store every detail of your data. But wading through a million rows of data scattered in disparate workbooks makes figuring out your data story overwhelming. You might find yourself lost, spending hours searching for the data that you want to focus on.

How can you know which workbook—or even which worksheet or tab—has what you need? And what if it doesn’t? What if the data you store in Excel contains only part of your data story, and the other part is in a different tool?

While Excel is great for storing your data, Tableau can easily pull together all the data you have in seemingly disparate worksheets and workbooks—even data not stored in Excel. You can quickly analyze data from a combination of subtables, worksheets, and workbooks, all at once. With Tableau, you save time by getting a complete view of your data in one place.

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