Embrace Video Now To Enhance Your Customer Experience

Embrace Video Now To Enhance Your Customer Experience

The race for superior digital experiences has yet to be won, and the businesses that prioritize video now will propel themselves forward for the future. Guest speaker and Forrester Senior Analyst Nick Barber dispels the myths about video and shares why you need to embrace video now for customer experience enhancement.

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  1. Debunk the misbeliefs about video costs, skillset, and training
  2. Hear the latest trends of how video is used
  3. Learn how to build your business case for video
  4. Understand why brands are investing in video now to elevate their digital experiences

Featuring guest speaker NICK BARBER, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research

Nick specializes in video technologies, digital asset management (DAM) for customer experience, and personalization. In the video space, he covers online video platforms for sales and marketing and enterprise video technologies for training and employee experience.

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