Efficacy of Micro-Segmentation: Assessment Report

Micro-segmentation is an essential security control that prevents the lateral movement of attackers. It's proven to be critical to Zero Trust security. But how can organizations measure the value of micro-segmentation? What are the numbers that prove it?

This first-of-its-kind report by red team specialists Bishop Fox quantifies the efficacy of micro-segmentation. It serves as a blueprint for a testing methodology that can help organizations validate results in their own environments.

Through its implementation of the MITRE ATT&CK framework, Bishop Fox conducted several rounds of testing against varying degrees of policy granularity to measure the ability of micro-segmentation to effectively limit lateral movement.

Key findings include:

 A 300% increase in difficulty for an attacker to move laterally and reach its target by applying a simple micro-segmentation policy such as environmental separation.

A 450% increase in difficulty by applying the application ringfencing policy.

"Wouldn’t you like to make the adversary’s job anywhere between 3x – 10x more difficult? If so, implement micro-segmentation."

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