In order to thrive in a highly remote and dynamic business environment, organizations must ensure that they are deploying sound security solutions. These tools must stop insider threats, extend secure access to sensitive data, and be performant, scalable, and cost-effective--around the clock and across the globe.

Unfortunately, many organizations are still struggling to deploy security platforms that can meet the demands of modern business. These enterprises need multi-faceted security solutions that provide items like the following:

User and entity behavior analytics that use machine learning to baseline user behavior and identify suspicious departures from the norm

Step-up, multi-factor authentication for users in unusual locations or for those who are engaging in unusual activities Real-time data loss prevention capabilities like digital rights management and redaction that can prevent data leakage Cloud encryption for sensitive files and fields in order to keep confidential or regulated data safe from prying eyes Agentless deployment modes that don’t require software installations on endpoints; critical for BYOD security

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